Easiest Tent To Put Up Alone [ 10 Seconds to Instant Tent ]

Easiest tent to put up alone

Trying to decide what tent to buy that allows for instant set up, no hassle and something less time consuming?

Well, an instant tent is what you want!

They are by far the easiest tent to put up alone. They can be set up from it’s carry bag to instant tent from as little as 10 seconds!

Yes…..10 seconds!

Simple, hassle free and very effective!


Not only are instant tents much easier and quicker to set up compared to traditional tents but they still hold the same firmness, structure and have the same lifespan as any traditional tent.

Instant tents nowadays are built to the same standards as any traditional tent. Campers can benefit more from an instant tent as they are lightweight, more portable and very flexible.

They are completely hassle free and allow more time to enjoy your camping experience and your natural surroundings.

They are great starter tents for any beginner but even experienced campers use these due to how handy they are in setting up.

Instant tents come in many shapes, sizes, designs and fabrics so lets talk through some of the best instant tents you can buy for your money.


Prices for tents will differ mainly depending on the size of the tent. Obviously, the bigger the tent, the more expensive it will be.

For a good 1-2 person tent, prices may be in the region of £30.00 – £70.00

For a 3-4 person tent, prices are in the region between £50.00 – £110.00

For a 6 person+ tent, you will be looking at prices over £100.00

When your looking to purchase a good instant tent, there a few things you should you consider firstly:

Where will you be mostly camping?

Choosing the right tent for where you will camping is essential. You want to make sure that your tent can handle the weather or climate where you are camping.

Having a well-made tent that can handle the elements of wind, rain, snow and humidity will not only keep you safe and comfortable but will allow you to have a more enjoyable camping experience!

If you are camping on a beach, on grassland, in a forest or even a holiday park…..the tents discussed below will definitely provide all the protection you need.

Material/ Fabric

Most tents nowadays have rigorous testing to make sure that they do what they are supposed to do ….which is ultimately to keep you sheltered from the outside elements.

Most instant tents are made of polyester which is light, breathable and have fire retardant properties blended into them.

The tent poles are usually made from fibreglass which are highly durable and can take the full force of bending, they are very difficult to break.

Most instant tents are completely attached with groundsheet and some have a groundsheet separate that you simply attach when setting up, both are just as effective as the other although I prefer to have the groundsheet sewn together simply due to less set up time!


(1-2 person)

Regatta Malawi Outdoor Pop-Up Tent

The Regatta Malawi is one of the easiest tents to put up alone

Set up time: 10 seconds

Great for: Camping / Festivals / Beach Shelter

This tent comes with a circle carry bag with handles and a strap to throw over your shoulder for easier carrying.

Once you open the bag, hold onto the rods until the tent it fully out and throw down on the ground….the tent will literally pop up into full form within seconds!

It’s ideal for one or 2 people to camp in. It has 1 access door with plenty of room and storage pockets on the inside. There is a rain fly to zip up during wet weather or even to let some air in and pop out air vents.

This is the tent we are currently using and I must say we have used this on many terrain during the worst of weather (it is Ireland after all) and this tent has outperformed itself.

Main features:

  • Waterproof hydrafort 70D flysheet with 3000 mm hydrostatic head
  • Fire retardant fabrics
  • Strong and flexible fibreglass poles

Check out prices here on Amazon

(1-2 person)

Active Era Upgraded Pop Up Tent

The Active Era is one of the easiest tents to put up alone

Set up time: 10 seconds

Great for: Camping / Festivals / Beach Shelter

Another great tent for 1-2 people to camp in.

This tent comes in the same type of carry bag with a circular frame.

Simply remove the tent and throw down and just like that….instant tent! It is extremely quick to put up and just as easy to put away.

It doesn’t feel cramped with plenty of space for 2 people and even room for spare luggage.

It can be used in any conditions and is very good in keeping the wind and rain out.

It is an ideal tent for a nice getaway for two or even if you are looking to take it for a festival, it will hardly take up any room.

Main features:

  • Water resistant and highly durable outer fabric and groundsheet for greater comfort
  • Ventilation window with zipper system to keep moisture out
  • Double sewn and taped seems ensure the tent remains rugged and lightweight

Check out prices here on Amazon

(3 person)

Vango Waterproof Dart 200DS Outdoor Tent

The Vango Dart 200DS is one of the easiest tents to put up alone

Set up time: 30 seconds

Great for: Camping / Festivals

A great tent that sleeps up to 3 people comfortably.

If it’s a festival you are attending or even a couple’s getaway but looking for some extra space, this is ideal as it will keep you warm, dry and protected from the elements.

It comes with a very handy carry bag when once you take it out, it pops right into it’s full structure in a matter of seconds.

Simply peg it down along with the guide ropes and you are good to go.

It has extra ventilation windows that pop out to minimise condensation.

The poles are made of fibreglass so are extremely durable so perfect for any outdoor adventures.

Main features:

  • Breathable Polyester Inner Tent
  • Waterproof Fire Retardent Flysheet with fully taped seams and Low Level Vents
  • Pop Up Design pitches in 1 minute

Check out the prices here on Amazon

(2-4 person)

Coleman Weatherproof Galiano Outdoor Pop-up Tent

The Coleman Galiano is one of the easiest tents to put up alone

Set up time: 10 seconds

Great for: Camping / Festivals

Easy set up with a pop up frame!

Simply remove from outer carry bag and fibreglass poles with automatically pop into shape and hey presto…your tent waits!

Peg down the tent using the webbing loop and the guide ropes to improve stability.

It’s really as simple as that!

Inside is spacious and can fit up to 4 people comfortably, perfect for a weekend camping away or when attending a festival.

It has a mesh window for increased airflow but also keeps out even the smallest of bugs.

The Coleman Galiano features a removable roof panel for maximum airflow, were you can roll up the sides of the roof or remove the entire panel which is perfect for stargazing on a warm, dry night.

It’s easy to pack away also, remove the pegs, gather the poles at the top, lift on it’s end, push down and tuck in the sides.

Then slide back into it’s carry bag and your ready to go.

Main features:

  • Integrated ground sheet
  • WeatherTec+ system
  • An impressive 3000 mm hydrostatic head or water column

Check out prices here on Amazon

(4 person)

Coleman Water Repellent Instant Tourer Outdoor Pop-up Tent

The Coleman Instant Tourer is one of the easiest tents to put up alone

Set up time: 1-2 minutes

Great for: Long or short camping trips

This tent isn’t necessarily a pop-up tent but Coleman have engineered one of their larger tents to be more flexible and easier to set up.

When you take the tent out of the bag, you will see the poles are all attached to the tent itself. Lay it on the ground and pull the top of the tent up, you will see the fibreglass poles start to line up and lock into place.

Straighten and lengthen the poles till their maximum height, take it side by side until you have the full frame of the tent.

Start to peg down each side and straighten out.

And there you have it….your own home away from home!

Main features:

  • Poles are pre-attached to tent
  • Exclusive WeatherTec+ System
  • Tent is fully taped so no need for separate rainfly
  • Heavy duty, twice the thickness of standard tent fabrics

Check out prices here on Amazon

If it’s just yourself or a group of family or friends who are looking to go camping, these tents will certainly take the hassle out of it all, allowing you to enjoy more of your camping trip!

Purchasing a tent such as one of these will guarantee to hold it’s value and keep you sheltered from all the outdoor elements for years to come.

Any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask.

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