Different Types of Canoes

Different types of canoes

Canoes are most commonly & frequently utilised for recreational, fun & pleasures activities including racing, touring, whitewater, freestyle, camping and even more including generic entertainment.

In addition, canoeing is such an activity which tends to have equal fame among all ages, different types of athletic capabilities and backgrounds where it is also termed as a few of the oldest modes of transportation.

Similarly, there are numerous types of canoeing techniques and canoes on numerous kinds of grounds, designs and performance; however, we will look at the different types of canoes that will allow you to choose which is best suited for you.

So, the following is the list and brief information of the different canoes types which will enable you to look for different options as per diversified needs.

Types of Canoes

Flat Bottom

As the name depicts, the kind of canoes which are manufactured with a flatter bottom are known as flat bottom canoes.

More of the time, it is by choice design, for instance, such kind of canoes are crafted for anglers who may want to stand. In the same regard, there would be different whitewater playboats who might opt for a flat bottom due to the fact that it surfs on the waves ever so easily.

When a canoe with a flat bottom is leaned, it tends to get a little bit imbalanced swiftly due to its transformation from the bottom to the side of the canoe.

A flat bottom design is less rigid compared to the other types of canoes.

For the same reason, different manufacturers use more sophisticated components and add different types of stiffening to the canoe which outcomes with the enhanced weight.

For those who want to embark for tours and if the speed is not something you want to look for the then flat bottom will fight headwind on the stormy lake.


The flare bottom canoe comes with a very narrow waterline so that an essence of efficiency could be enhanced along with the speed factor.

Also, the Flare bottom comes with a driest side hull profile and the stability of such type of canoe is on the top and enables you to stay firm with rest of ride and reduce any sort of threatening impact thoroughly.

The Flare has such tendency that it enables the safety prospect. While on the other side of it, for more comfort seekers, just due to the reduced paddling comfort, the Flare bottom might not be the greatest option.

River Tripping

This particularly designed canoe is ideal to handle such rivers & streams which have a very rapid pace & are flowing ever so quickly.

These river tripping canoes have numerous lengths ranging from 15’ to 17’. Usually, such hulls are crafted without keels and are identical from end to end having rounded, shallow-vee and a vast depth within.

However, the most featuristic factor that defines river tipping canoe would be generous rocker designed on each end. On its perfect combination, this design comes with the optimal control so that quick & accurate turns can be made while moving laterally for preventing rocks or ledges.

The same aspect will soften up the effect of moving beyond sharp edgy lines.



It is the pure performance canoe with extreme rocker crafted for one or multiple paddlers in order to use it particularly in whitewater.

In addition to that, there is a retrofitted addition which includes flotation in the bow & stern to avoid any sort of potential hazard of a boat to get fulfilled with water.

Along with that, there are numerous optional features which include spray skirts, leg and knee straps which are blended with the kneeling pedestal & toe blocks for the sake of ensuring utmost control while riding.



The racing canoe is manufactured particularly for high-grade performance which is fast, straight tracking, has stiff hull components and without having to have any sort of exaggerated weight.

The racing canoe has a narrow and long construction which is relatively longer in length with its asymmetrical in design along with eccentric outlook & characteristics.


These Recreational canoes are designed to be simple, manageable and easy to be handled at the same time are mainly manufactured with a smaller magnitude in length but higher in width.

For versatile purposes like fishing or overnight tours, these are excellent for two or multiple paddlers while performing equally ideally on calm waters. These types of Canoes are also termed as City Lake canoes.

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Pros & Cons of Canoes



  • Vast space:

 For the purpose of carrying a lot of important and useful luggage or items, the Canoes could be your ideal choice which enables you to have a spacious room in it and ultimately you could keep plenty of stuff on it ever so easily.

It keeps your things in a nice organised order so that everything stays safe throughout your journey.

  • Ideal for longer expeditions

 For the ones who have the ambition to go on a longer tour, a canoe could be a fantastic choice to use.

It is more probably so because the canoe features smooth & relaxing construction which keeps your body position in a natural position along with the large capacity to keep the essential stuff around.

Similarly, you can paddle in it for so many hours and that’s without having to have any sort of strain or cramps.

  • Stable & comfortable:

 In comparison to kayaks, canoes have a higher stability and can offer a balanced position for all and sundry. In the same way, even if you are tired of sitting, you can stand up on it with great ease.

  • Easy to manage:

If you are using the canoe for the very first time, all you will have to do is to learn its basic knowledge and technicalities and you are good to go.

There are not a lot of complicated or difficult procedures to learn before going on with it. You can learn quickly and it is way much quicker as compared to kayaking.

  • Least likely to get wet

Under most cases, you are certain to remain free from getting wet with a canoe due to amazing stability. However, the scenario might be totally contrary in the case of paddling on whitewater.

  • Optimal view

If you are carrying your tour on a canoe, then it is evident that you are going to have a clear and amazing view of all the natural surroundings around you.

  • Convenient getting in & out

Canoes are thoroughly easier to get in and get out by everyone including your kids, adults and all.


  • Some of the travellers might find it quite bigger in size and difficult to control fully.
  • It could be an uphill task to master paddling skills at the start, especially for solo paddlers.
  • When paddling on whitewater, canoes can take on more water than kayaks.
  • For the ones who want to have a top speed, it could take a lot of effort to paddle on high speed in comparison to paddling a kayak on its fullest pace.


So, when choosing the canoe for you it’s always best to decide where you will be using it for example fishing on a calm lake, recreational paddling or for thrills on whitewater.

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