Coleman Cortes Octagon Tent Review [ For Family Camping ]

Review of the Coleman Cortes Octagon Tent

Best For: Family Camping or Large Groups

Coleman Cortes Octagon 8 Tent Review
Value For Money
Ease of Use

What we Like

What we Don’t Like

  • Very Spacious for more like 6-7 people
  • Large hinged front door for easy access
  • Great height inside at 215cm (7 foot)
  • Excellent airflow inside due to opening panels
  • Full 360 Degree View
  • No real shelter at front which may let rain in when coming in and out

Quick Summary of the Coleman Cortes Octagon Tent

The Coleman Cortes Octagon is a great dome tent for a large family or medium sized group looking for a weekend camping trip away.

It offers incredible space for a number of people, however it is being advertised as an 8 man tent. This would be right, if everyone was laying side by side next to one another.

We know that when camping away for a few days, this would be very uncomfortable so for greater space and being able to store camping gear, I would say it’s more suited for 6 or 7 people.

It has a large hexagonal shape that measures at 15.2m2 internally with a head height of 7 foot so you can stand up fully in here. 

Great for even the tallest of campers.


Perfect for Long Camping Trips or Festivals

The Coleman Cortes Octagon Tent is a great tent for a large family or group of people looking to head away on a camping trip or even camp in style at your next upcoming festival.

It has a lot of space to fit 6 or 7 people comfortably without tripping over each other with additional room to spare for camping gear and storage.

The octagon design of it promotes greater space as each corner provides a greater floor area. 

With smaller sized tents, long camping trips can take its toll on you if you’re constantly slouched over. However with the Coleman Cortes Octagon you can be sure that you’ll be able to stand up straight the entire time. 

No more need for constant sitting or laying down when it’s pouring outside.

Need Your Own Space - No Problem!

Sometimes camping away for long periods of time with family or friends, sleeping next to each night after night can become irritating where all you want is your own space.

I can see families that have teenagers may experience this problem. 

Well one of the benefits to this tent is that it comes with a portable partition wall.

If you want an open space, you can leave it off or if you want your own time to yourself simply zip the partition wall down from the ceiling and its instantly separates the tent in two halves.

It’s ideal if you want a little privacy for sleeping or changing in.


Full 360° View

360 degree view from Coleman Cortes Octagon 8

The Coleman Cortes offers an incredible 360° view of your entire natural surroundings.

The tent has a 2 part structure you see – an inner bug free sleeping area and the outer polyester flysheet.

The large polyester window covers can be rolled and clipped up so you can enjoy greater light and fresh air flowing into the tent.

Easy Access & Exit Hinged Door

Most common tents have that zipped and rolled up door, however, with the Coleman Cortes it has a strong, structured ‘D-Shaped’ hinged door.

It’s a great feature to have especially if you have small children and they’re constantly running in and out of the tent.

It just adds that bit more luxury and ease of access into your tent.

Plus it takes the hassle out of zipping and rolling it up, small as it may be but it gives this tent that additional benefit.

Impressive 2000mm Hydrostatic Head

Having a hydrostatic head of 2000mm basically means you and your camping gear are definitely not getting wet!

The hydrostatic head indicator is basically a universal term used to determine how long a material can stay dry under a constant column of water.

The higher the water column – the more waterproof the tent is.

With a 2000mm water column, you can relax knowing that the rain will remain outside.


Quick & Easy Setup with Colour-Coded Poles

The Coleman Cortes should take no longer than 15 minutes to fully setup thanks to it’s steel and fibreglass colour-coded poles.

The bug free mesh screen room is the first to set up. Simply connect the green poles into the central connector hub. Then insert the upright poles into the connector – lift and secure with the ring and pin. 

Ensure you put the correct upright poles at the two doors. 

Clip the inner tent to the poles and peg down.

Attach the fly sheet to one side and pull it over the entire structure.

Peg out the adjustable guy lines to ensure you have a full stable structure.


I think the Coleman Cortes Octagon 8 is an incredible tent for any large families camping away or for a large group of friends attending the next music festival.

It offers optimum space for your group and all of your camping gear.

It’s a sleek, modern and appealing looking tent that will last you years to come.

Any tent made by Coleman is a tent you know you can trust that is going to offer great value for money.

If you have any questions, drop me a comment and I’ll be sure to get back to you.

If you want to check it out, Amazon is the best place you can buy it from.

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