Coleman Cobra 2 Person Backpacking Tent Review

Coleman Cobra 2 Person Backpacking Tent Review

Name: Coleman Cobra 2 Person Tent

Price: Around £100.00

Best Place to Buy: Amazon (Click Here)

My Rating: 4/5 

It’s now coming back into the Spring and Summer months which means it’s time to get back out there and get your camping game on!

One of the better tent brands you can always put your trust in is Coleman.

Coleman consistently deliver well-made, resilient and weatherproof tents that are guaranteed to keep you dry and last a lifetime.

This Coleman Cobra 2 person backpacking tent review will provide you with all the information you need.

So, if it’s just you and a camping partner you need to check out the Coleman Cobra!


  • Can sleep up to 2 people
  • Made with polyester
  • PU Coated with taped seams
  • Aluminium poles
  • 2 porches on either side
  • Flysheet has a 3000mm Hydrostatic Head
  • Groundsheet has a 5000mm Hydrostatic Head
  • Weighs 2.05kgs
Coleman Cobra 2 person backpacking tent 1

So this tent actually comes in 2 and 3 person variations so if there are 3 of you camping – great! But even if it is just the two of you camping, you have additional space to store any of your camping equipment.

It is the perfect backpacking tent as it’s very lightweight coming in at just 2.05kgs.

It compacts right down to 48 x 18 x 15cm – a great size that can be clipped onto your backpack. There is also two compression straps that allow you to make it even more compact.

Setting up the Coleman Cobra

Setting up this tent is very straightforward.

Inside the tent bag you have the standard pole bag, peg bag and rolled up tent – take these out.

Inside the bag you will see the tent instructions on how to set up, this is actually sewn into the bag which I find is great as you’ll never lose it.

The Coleman Cobra has just 2 poles – one long and one short

With the difference in size it will be very hard to get them mixed up but just to be sure Coleman have actually colour-coded them for quicker setup. The smaller pole is coloured red and matches the red section where it is fitted at the back of the tent.

It is a flysheet-first pitch tent so you actually set up the flysheet on the outside and then attach the ‘pod style’ bedroom area.

Once you have the poles set up through their slots, you will see clips that can be attached to the poles to pull the flysheet tight.

The guy lines have a great little feature where the plastic fasteners have toothed grooves instead of the standard figure eight loop that you get with other tents – this creates a greater hold of the guy lines to maintain their tightness.

The pegs are also made of lightweight aluminum but are very strong so shouldn’t bend when placing into the ground.

Inside the tent

Inside Coleman Cobra 2 person backpacking tent

Inside is very spacious that can comfortably sleep 2 people (or 3 people if you choose the 3 person variation). It is 257cm in length x 125cm in width x 87cm in height towards the top of the tent.

The ‘pod style’ bedroom area is completely independent from the flysheet so it allows maximum ventilation and minimises any condensation buildup.

The groundsheet has a bath tub style which curves up around the corners keeping water and bugs out.


The Coleman Cobra tent has a wedged tunnel design that has been shaped in such a way that wind will literally just flow over it.

No more flapping around!

Also, due to this design, it gives the tent a lower centre of gravity so it is a great tent to have during windy conditions.

With the hydrostatic head ratings of 3000mm on the flysheet and 5000mm on the groundsheet, you can guarantee that you and your camping gear will stay dry even on the wettest of nights.

This tent was created and designed for the backpacker. One of the main necessities a backpacker needs is for items to be lightweight. Coleman understood this and created this incredibly lightweight tent at just 2.05kgs so this is a tent that definitely will not weigh you down. 

Just outside the tent are 2 porch areas on both sides. These are actually amazingly spacious – they can hold muddy boots, wet gear and also an 80L backpack.


Inside the tent, condensation is not a problem here. Even though the tent is small in size, the breathable mesh and vents allow any build up of warm, moist air to escape whilst letting fresh air in. 

At the top of the tent there is a large ventilation panel that you’ll be facing whilst you sleep. This will draw out any warm air effectively when you breathe at night so you’re not waking up with that dampness against the walls. This large ventilation panel is also covered with by a large flap so it stops any rain coming in on you. 

My Recommendation

This is a great all-round backpacking tent that will guarantee to out perform itself come wind, rain, hail or shine.

I believe for the value that you get with this tent, it is well worth the purchase. Coleman is one of the most renowned companies in the camping industry and their name surpasses itself. You know when its made by Coleman that you are getting value for money!

The only downside I can see to this tent is that it narrows down towards where your feet would be. This means you can’t sleep head to toe with someone else, you will both need to be sleeping the same direction. But if you’re camping with someone you know, I can’t see how this would be a problem.

I do highly recommend the Coleman Cobra tent to camping partners, couples or even solo camping enthusiasts. This tent will do exactly what it says on the tin….and more.

It will guarantee to last you years worth of camping.

My Rating: 4/5

If you feel the Coleman Cobra 2 is the tent for you, Click Here for prices on Amazon.

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If you have any questions about this tent or any other others, drop me a comment and I’ll be sure to get back to you.

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