5 Best Kayaking Wetsuits For Men 2019

Best kayaking wetsuits for men

If you’re out on the water and want to reduce the chill factor, you’re certainly going to want a good wetsuit!

There are a number of good ones on the market and it can be hard to choose the best one for you. So this guide will help to provide the best ones!

As you may well know, the majority of the time when your kayaking, you’re not exactly in the water but having a wetsuit on is always a good thing in case of minor water splash or even if you fancy a dip after a day of hard paddling.

Kayaking does work up a sweat after all!

So, this article is here to help breakdown some of the best wetsuits for men that are affordable, will provide ultimate protection and guarantee years of use – without question!

Well, let’s firstly look at what you should be looking out for when purchasing your new wetsuit.

How to choose a great wetsuit

Material / Neoprene

Neoprene is the material you want for a wetsuit.

It comes in many different varieties of thickness and performs well in contact with water; the thicker the Neoprene, the more protected you are against the coldness of water as it is a great insulator.

It easily maintains its strength, elongation, stretching and twisting with outstanding physical toughness – an excellent material to have especially when you’re getting in and out of the wetsuit.

Thickness / less than 5mm

It can be become difficult to understand what thickness to choose for a wetsuit when kayaking.

Well, it’s as simple as this; the thicker the material, the less flexibility within it.

Now, remember this rule of thumb:

The thickness of a wetsuit is denoted with two numbers as such: 3/2mm.
The first number denotes the thickness around the torso whilst the second determines the thickness around the legs.


So, when you’re kayaking you want a wetsuit that has some ‘give’ in it so that you can move your arms and paddle without being restricted.

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Choosing a wetsuit with a material less than 5mm is perfect; this will retain your body heat and keep you warm in the water but also give you more freedom of movement.

It just comes down to what design of wetsuit you prefer then such as a full wetsuit, Spring suits, Short John wetsuits or Long John wetsuits.



By design, wetsuits are supposed to be snug to the body; this is how they keep you warm in the water.

Make sure to get the sizing right, you don’t want a wetsuit that is too large on you as it won’t be as effective in retaining your body heat.

You also don’t want a wetsuit that is too small and tight that is going to impede your abilities to paddle, especially if it’s forcing you to bend forward!

Check out this sizing chart from Wetsuit Centre, it’ll give you the perfect fitting for you.


When buying your wetsuit online always look at the reviews it has been given.

These wetsuits have been tried and tested and having a user’s knowledge will help you to choose the best wetsuit for you.

The wetsuits listed here though all have excellent reviews and will simply aid your decision when buying.

Well, let’s not wait around any longer here and have a look at some of the best wetsuits for men that you can wear kayaking.

 Best kayaking wetsuits for men


 Gul Neptune Full Length 32mm Wetsuit




  • Fully flatlocked stitching

This is when 2 neoprene layers are stitched over one another, which makes the seam flat. This provides excellent flexibility for when you’re kayaking

  • Smooth skin and chest panels

This helps to minimise wind chill so it allows you to stay warmer

  • Reinforced knee panels

These are very durable knee panels that are great at protecting your knees

  • Titanium 2 lined neoprene

With the Titanium 2 lined neoprene it helps you to stay warmer for longer as it has incredible heat retention properties


The Gull Neptune is an extremely well made suit at a very affordable price.
It’s lightweight and has a good snug fit that is brilliant for keeping you warm in the wind and rain.

It’s great for kayaking as it allows for a free range of movement.



Odyssey Core Full Steamer Wetsuit




·        Windproof mesh panels on the chest and back

The mesh panels will help prevent wind chill and keep you warm while kayaking

·        Reinforced knee panels

The knee panels are very durable and help to prevent wear and tear, providing longevity of the suit

·        Made of Titanium lined neoprene

With Titanium lined neoprene you can be sure you’ll keep warm the entire time as it retains your body heat very well

·        Flatlock stitching

With the suit designed with flatlock stitching, it helps to keep it flexible giving you more freedom of movement when kayaking


The Odyssey Core is an excellent suit that is easy on the wallet.

It’s great for use mainly in the Spring and Summer months, although if you prefer to kayak in the winter months you can double up using a canoe vest, just to help retain your body heat that bit more.

It’s very flexible so it’s easy to get on and off but still has incredible durability to it so it will last you years to come.






·        Flatlocked stitched seams

This provides excellent flexibility so you have more freedom of movement

·        Supratex knee pads

The rubberised knee pads are very durable and make it easy to kneel even on rocky surfaces

·        Wind resistant mesh on chest and back

This helps to keep off wind chill so you stay warm while kayaking

·        Stretch collar and anti-rub openings

Helps to prevent chaffing and cold water flushing in


A great spring / summer wetsuit for any beginner or even for any intermediate and for the price you really can’t go wrong!

Made with Neoprene and having the mesh on the chest and back keeps you warm when out on the water.

The style and colours of white and blue are very appealing.

It’s a high quality wetsuit that is very durable and will guarantee you years of use.






  • Freedom of movement

Having the use of an armless wetsuit it allows you kayak easier as there is less constraint

  • Front zip

This wetsuit has the zip at the front so it’s easier to see and very efficient in getting in and out of it

  • Large pocket on the thigh

You can hold in small items in here such as keys or mobile phone (just be aware that it’s not watertight so you may have to put them in a watertight bag firstly)

  • Water drainage

Perforations behind the knees drain out in excess water so it’s not weighing you down


The ITIWIT 500 is an excellent wetsuit if you want something that has more freedom of movement.

It’s a well-designed and durable wetsuit that has abrasion resistant reinforcements in the knees and buttocks so it helps to promote its longevity.

It’s made of 2mm thick neoprene with polyester lining so perfect to use in spring or summer. If you want to use it in the winter months, you can always wear a canoe vest underneath it to help retain the heat.







·        Blind stitched and glued seams

With this wetsuit being blind stitched and glued means the stitching doesn’t go through the other end while glue is inserted between the seams.

This is great at keeping cold water out and retaining water warmed up by your body heat

·        Abrasion resistant

Anti-abrasive reinforcements on buttocks, backs of thighs and knees and helps to reduce wear and tear over the years

·        Greater freedom of movement

This wetsuit is designed so that the arms and chest pieces are made of separate material which allows you to move more freely

·        7mm of thickness on knees

The additional thickness of paddling on the knees means kneeling down on hard or rocky surfaces is very comfortable


This wetsuit is great for all types.

If you feel you’re after something that is lightweight and allows a greater range in motion, then this is the one for you.

It’s very durable but also very flexible at the same time which is great for when you’re getting in and out of the kayak and paddling.

The orange and black colours on this are very attracting and also keeps you visible when out on the water.


These wetsuits, whether they be short sleeved or long sleeved, will provide the optimum protection for your vital organs by retaining body heat so you can rest assured that your temperature won’t plummet too much.

That being said, depending on the time of year, use common sense. If you’re kayaking in the winter, a long sleeved wetsuit may suit you best or if you’re kayaking in the summer, you could look into the short sleeve wetsuits.

I always use my Gul Neptune full length wetsuit whatever time of the year it is. Ireland tends to be a cold enough country anyway so I want to make sure I’m warm when in the water whether it be summer or winter.

If you want more freedom of movement so you can paddle faster and don’t mind your arms getting cold, the ITIWIT 500 Tank Top wetsuit may be best suited to you.

These wetsuits are manufactured by some of the best within the industry so you know you’re getting value for money.

Check them out and if you have any questions, please drop me a comment and I’ll be sure to get back to you.

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  1. These are great wet suits, thanks for the thorough review it really helps someone who is looking for a wet suit as a gift but doesn’t know where to start. I was glad to find a explanation on the correct thickness to look for.

    I’m not sure about the tank top wet suit though, maybe his arms would get cold! 

    1. Hi Dianne,

      These wetsuits could very well be an early Christmas present lol. When you’re looking for a kayaking wetsuit, you don’t want a wetsuit that is too thick as it can be harder to steer the kayak. These ones listed though are perfect for moving your arms though. 

      Your right, I prefer the full sleeve wetsuits myself but if you want ultimate freedom whilst paddling, the tank top wetsuit could be the one.

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