5 Best Folding Saws For Camping 2019

Best Folding Saws for Camping

Camping is all about getting out into the wilderness and enjoying the great outdoors. Part of this is about ‘fending’ for yourself and living off the land.

Now, I understand that there is a lot of items you think you’ll need when camping to help you enjoy your camping trip better but one of the main items you should always consider is a folding camping saw.

Yes, part of having one of these is about enjoying cutting your own wood to build your campfire or to clear and set up camp but the main reason for having one is more about ‘survival‘.

Having a camping saw or better yet a folding camping saw will allow for a much more easier, safer and enjoyable camping experience.

Let’s have a quick look at these top 10 folding saws for camping:

Quick Summary of the Top 5 Camping Folding Saws




Where to Buy

Bahco Laplander Folding Saw

Bahco Laplander

  • Blade: 7 1/2 inches
  • High quality Sandvik Steel
  • Friction reduced coating
SEEYC Folding Saw


  • Blade: 8 inches
  • High quality Carbon Steel
  • Cuts up to 4 inches in diameter
Tabor Tools Folding Saw

Tabor Tools

  • 3-Angled Teeth
  • Curved blade
  • Cuts up to 4 inches in diameter
Davaon Folding Saw

Davaon Pro

  • Blade: 7 inches
  • High quality Carbon Steel
  • Cuts up to 4 inches in diameter

Flora Guard

  • Blade: 7 inches
  • High quality Carbon Steel
  • 3-Angled Teeth

What you want to look for

7 – 8 Inches in Length

The folding saws discussed here all have between 7-8 inches of blade so you can cut wood effectively without tiring yourself out too easily. With this certain length of blade, you should be able to cut through logs in no time at all.

Ergonomic Handle

Having a comfortable handle is essential. If the handle is too square with hard jagged edges it will make for cutting an absolute chore!

You want to have a handle that fits into the groove of the hand and can be used for long periods of time whether your cutting firewood, clearing or setting up camp.

Locked in Blade Feature

This is just simply for safety! 

The last thing you want is to reach into your backpack only to cut the hand of yourself. A good, quality made folding saw will have a locked in feature that works both ways – not only for closing but when cutting. 

A folding saw that collapses or snaps is surely ready to cause injury.

The saws discussed here though will make sure you remain safe when cutting whilst out camping.

Small in size to fit into your camping backpack

Lastly, you want to make sure that the saw you choose is easily transportable and easy to carry.

The folding saws mentioned here will have a full length no bigger than 17-18 inches but only have the size when folded down.

I think it is an essential item to have added to your camping gear. They always come in handy.

Bahco Laplander

Bahco Laplander Folding Saw

Key Features

  • Made of High Quality Sandvik Steel
  • Bahco XT toothing cuts in both directions
  • Non-stick coating allows blade to glide effortlessly

The Bahco folding saw is an incredibly robust and tough piece of equipment.

It measures out at around 15 inches in full length with the actual blade at 7 1/2 inches. The blade has a thicker width compared to normal conventional saws at 1.9mm thick made from high quality Sandvik Steel. 

This allows for a more sturdier, safer and easier cutting of wood and can easily cut through a 4 inch diameter log.

With its XT toothing cuts it allows you to cut in both directions with ease without the blade getting caught, snagged or flexing.

Just at the top of the handle you’ll notice a locking mechanism that you must press to unhouse the blade, rightfully labelled ‘Press’. This helps benefit the cutting of wood so that it’s easier and safer.


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SEEYC Folding Saw

SEEYC Folding Saw

Key Features

  • 8 Inch Saw Blade
  • Triple Cut Teeth for much easier cutting
  • Made of High Quality Carbon Steel

The SEEYC folding saw is the only saw on this list that has a larger blade length measuring at 8 inches.

If you prefer a larger blade, this may be for you but the other folding saws with 7 to 7 1/2 inches in length work just as good.

Made of Carbon Steel so you can guarantee that it is strong and will guarantee years worth of use.

At full extension, the saw measures at 17 inches and when it’s closed, 9 1/2 inches. Slightly bigger than the other saws but can still easily fit inside your camping backpack.

It has a fully ergonomic handle that is very comfortable to use which is also slip-resistant.

The locking mechanism is located at the top of the handle just to further ensure safety as priority.

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Tabor Tools

Tabor Tools Folding Saw

Key Features

  • Ergonomic Non-Slip Pistol Style Handle
  • Three-angle Razor Sharp Teeth for Impressive Cutting
  • Curved blade allows for easier sawing

A great handy saw for the price of it.

Great at cutting through wood up to a 4 inch diameter with it’s three-angled teeth. 

It’s lightweight and will be able to fit inside your camping backpack no problem. With it’s red colour it makes it very easy to see in case you drop it in dense grass or bushes.

The non-slip handle just gives you that greater feel about it were it’s easier to control and quite comfortable to hold.

The only drawback is that when sawing, it must be used only with a ‘pull’ stroke. I mean you can push with it too however the blade can become snagged and at risk of breaking.

In saying that, one pull stroke will be able to tear right through wood very easily. 

All in all though, a very good camping saw.


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Davaon Pro

Davaon Folding Saw

Key Features

  • Incredibly Sharp 7tpi Triple Cut Carbon Steel Blade
  • Adjustable Blade Positions
  • Heat Treated for Strength and Durability

The Davaon Pro is a very well designed folding saw for your camping or survival gear.

The blade is made of high quality carbon steel that has been coated and heat treated to ensure strength, stability, durability so that it will last you years of use.

The handle is ergonomically designed to fit perfectly in your hand with a thumb rest to give you optimum control and comfort whilst sawing.

The handle is made from TPR Anti-Slip Grip so it gives you that extra cushioning and friction needed when sawing back and forth.

One of the main benefits to this folding saw is that the blade has a range of positions to cut from. If you come up against an awkward branch or log, you can choose from one of the blade positions to give you the best cut.

This just helps remove any unnecessary strain from your hand and wrist.

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Flora Guard

Key Features

  • Triple Teeth Saw Blade
  • SK-5 High Quality Carbon Steel
  • Knurled Handle for No-Slip Grip

The Flora Guard is another excellent camping folding saw. It’s sleek and sharp thanks to the Carbon Steel 3 angled teeth blade. 

This cuts through any wood up to a diameter of 4 inches so you an clear away any deadwood and set up your campsite or to cut fuel for your campfire.

It’s a great saw to have that measures at 8.5 inches when it’s closed and 15.4 inches when fully open.

Great size for fitting in your backpack.

The handle has a knurled design to it with a TPR anti-slip grip on it to ensure comfort, stability and safety when sawing.

You can push down on the lock to open or close the blade within itself. This just further ensures increased safety and more effective cutting of wood.

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There has been many a time when I have been out camping and always needed the use of a cutting tool to either clear my campsite or cut firewood for the night ahead.

You see I prefer camping in forests or where there is a lot of wilderness.

It actually wasn’t until about my 10th camping trip that I purchased my own folding saw.  I reviewed the best there was at a reasonable price and came up with this list. I eventually bought the Bacho Laplander folding saw. I just liked the look and key features of it. 

I did my research though and based my decision on the reviews on Amazon. These are always a great indicator.

So, if your after your own folding saw for your camping backpack – check these ones out. They come highly recommended!

If you have any questions, please drop me a comment and I’ll be sure to get back to you.

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