Are Portable Gas Stoves Safe? [ Cooking Safely Outside ]

Are portable gas stoves safe

When you’re camping away in the wilderness, it’s always nice to have something warm to eat and drink – especially after sleeping out on a cold night!

Having a portable camping stove is an item I never leave the house without when camping for a few nights, they are a great invention that just makes your camping experience outside all the better.

So, are portable gas stoves safe?

Yes, if used correctly.

Gas and fire are never a good combination together when used wrongly or incorrectly. However, portable gas stove manufacturers have very strict standards they must abide by to ensure their product is safe for the consumer.

As long as you are following the sufficient steps when cooking on your gas stove, you are completely safe.

Making sure to stay safe when using a portable gas stove


Just a few things to consider when using a gas stove when you’re camping

  • Always use the stove by adhering to the manufacturer’s instructions

There will be instructions provided either in box provided or on the side of gas stove itself, simply follow them and you can’t go wrong

  • Never cook inside a tent or confined space

The last thing you want happening is a flame to catch your tent possibly making it difficult to escape. Just cook at least a metre away from any of your gear

  • Only use you’re gas stove for a short period of time

Not only will you be wasting a lot of your gas but if it is used for long periods of time, the gas canister may start to heat and could explode. Don’t operate the stove longer than the manufacturer suggests. You should be fine to cook anything up to an hour in one sitting though.

  • Make sure there is enough airflow around it

When your gas stove is in use, make sure there is nothing close to it that is stopping air flow. You just don’t want to be covering it with anything trying to stop the wind blowing the flame. You’re food or water will heat up no problem by itself.

  • Don’t use the gas stove as a source of heat to warm up

As I said, you don’t want to be using your gas stove throughout the night as really long periods of use can be dangerous and especially so if it’s to heat yourself up.

  • When packing up, always make sure the gas is turned off

Lean in close to the stove for any sound or smell of gas, if there is simply turn it off and continue to pack away

Recommended Portable Gas Stoves

If you’re after your first or even a new gas stove, I highly recommend looking into these. They are great quality, compliant with the highest safety standards and guaranteed to heat your camping grub up in no time at all.

Cooker Stove

Cooker Stove

This handy cooking stove is great for cooking your camping meals and boiling water. It comes with a carry case to store it away keeping is safe and secure.

Along with this gas stove you will get 2 butane gas canisters included. You can also purchase a 4 pack of butane canisters for around £10.00 that easily slides into the right hand slot which is secured with a lock in slider.

This will boil a litre of water in around 5 minutes so you can get your much awaited tea or coffee in the morning.

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FOME Bulin Cooking Stove

FOME Bulin Cooking Stove

A compact, robust and well-designed burner stove that is ideal for camping in the wilderness.

You need to purchase gas cylinders for this but you can get Coleman Butane cylinders between £4.00-£6.00. The stove burner and gas cylinder are small in size so you’ll have no problem in fitting them inside your backpack.

The FOME Bulin is made of high-strength Aluminium Alloy with folded rubber support feet to make sure it stays stable when cooking.

Once finished cooking, the arms and legs fold away into a compact size for easy storage, it only weighs in at 400g!

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Lixada Camping Gas Stove

Lixada Camping Gas Stove

An excellent camping stove if you’re after something small and compact that fits into your backpack easily.

The Lixada stove comes in a small convenient box that is great for storing away. Once taken out, it unfolds out with its 3 legs that are sturdy – great for holding a pot or pan.

It can be hooked up to a small butane cylinder but unfortunately not included.

With its 360 degree windproof design, it’s very efficient and can boil 1 litre of water in 2.5 minutes.

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Campingaz Camping 206 Stove

Campingaz Camping 206 Stove

Another great gas stove that cooks food and heats water in exceptional times. A 1 litre of water can be boiled in 4 minutes!

The stove connects straight into the top of a  C206 gas cylinder. The only downside to it is that the gas cylinders are purchased separately.

It is ideal for camping away for a few nights and can be conveniently packed away into your backpack, it weights a total of 299g so it’s very light!

It is very robust and excellent value for money.

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Coleman Firepower Alpine Backpacking Stove

Coleman Firepower Alpine Backpacking Stove

As the name suggests, this is ideal for backpacking. It’s small, compact and fits perfectly within your backpack.

It comes in a draw string bag that can be even tied onto your backpack, very handy for storing away.

It can be easily connected to a Coleman cylinder and ready to use in seconds.

Water can be boiled in around 3 minutes 45 seconds and thanks to integrated burner wind shield, it will hold the flame continually and heat your pot or pan up in no time.

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These portable gas stoves are an excellent utility to your camping gear and will allow you to eat warm food out in a cold night.

When you’re cooking with these stoves, just make sure to follow the manufacturer’s guidelines and you’ll have a safe and enjoyable time cooking.

If you have any questions, drop me a comment and I’ll be sure to get back to you.

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